Our Adventures in Guerrilla Gardening, Pt. 3

So, we’re well into summer and sadly, I have not done the guerrilla gardening I had planned. I staked out several locations (see Guerrilla Gardening, Pt 1) and then waited…I checked them out a few weeks later (Guerrilla Gardening, Pt 2), and a few of the sites were planted by their owners, just a bit late in the season. So I waited some more…in the meantime, I planted an herb garden with Kieran in the park around the corner:

034No crappy, weed-infested plot transformed into a thing of beauty, no midnight planting with balaclavas and a big shovel, just a tiny corner of the neighbourhood park, dug by hand, beside someone else’s pumpkin patch.

Here’s a picture of our not-so-guerrilla garden today:


I know. It looks much like a pumpkin patch with a bit of basil shooting up from underneath. There are other herbs under there, you just can’t see them because of the massive pumpkin vines (Note to self: pumpkins grow really well without much care). But at least, thanks to our good friend, Marc, we now have a wonderful sign for our not-guerrilla garden that says: MonsterGarden… Next year, I promise, a real guerrilla garden.


2 responses

  1. good intentions….are a good start!

  2. […] is fantastic. I dabbled in guerrilla gardening this summer, rather poorly, as you can see here. This guy is my […]

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